More than any sport on Earth, motocross is the ultimate expression of man and machine. The athlete pushes the machine, and the machine pushes the athlete as fast as he wants to go. And every bit like the machine, the athlete must be lighter, faster, stronger and willing to go beyond to win.  

Right from the drop of the gate, I always want to go all out with Seven. With Seven, I get to work with the world’s fastest, most technically advanced riders, and in turn, work with the most technically advanced materials, as well as use the most progressive anatomic engineering and thinking. My reasoning? If the bike requires everything it needs to gain an advantage, so does the athlete.  

That’s who we create Seven for. Fit, weight, ventilation, look, minimal resistance, style. Human anatomy. We look at everything imaginable – and maybe stuff that hasn’t even been imagined yet. In doing everything conceivable to beat both the clock and the competition, the Olympic athlete looks for every single advantage possible. A motocross racer is no different.  

Seven is, just like the motorcycle and just like the athlete, about redefining limits. Seven is not just evolution, but revolution.